Accessories Included With Macvon Touch

These great accessories are included for free with your Macvon Touch. You can order more as needed.

Yoga Mat

Natural rubber PU yoga mat. Non-slip, breathable and absorbent. Laser engraved. Size: 72” x 27”.


Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth enabled, lightweight smart heart rate detection band. Features a variety of exercise modes.


Care Kit

Gentle, eco-friendly, antibacterial microfiber towels that are safe to use on Macvon and its accessories.


Smart Handle

With a smooth non-slip feel and Bluetooth technology, you can remotely turn on, turn off or add or remove weight at the touch of a button


Smart Bar

High quality steel, non-slip threaded handles, and Bluetooth technolgy helps you control the digital weight while working out



With an easy on/off clasp and made with smooth, thick nylon & fiber-reinforced steel lugs, the rope adds multiple more dimensions to your work out






A sturdy bench with a non-slip suface provides the ability for more muscle group exercises.