Accessories Included With Macvon Touch

These great accessories are included for free with your Macvon Touch. You can order more as needed.

Yoga Mat

Natural rubber PU yoga mat. Non-slip, breathable and absorbent. Laser engraved. Size: 72” x 27”.


Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth enabled, lightweight smart heart rate detection band. Features a variety of exercise modes.


Care Kit

Gentle, eco-friendly, antibacterial microfiber towels that are safe to use on Macvon and its accessories.


Smart Handle

Support Bluetooth technology remote control, excellent holding feeling, can adapt to 100 pounds of weight


Smart Bar

High quality steel, Non-slip threaded handle, support Bluetooth technology remote control digital motor weight



Thickened and thickened nylon fiber material, Reinforced steel lugs, easy to disassemble and install


Ankle Strap

Unlock foot and hip training, thickened foam, soft and comfortable. Upgraded reverse buckle design, sturdy and stable



Stable and non-slip design. Enable chest, shoulder, back, arms and other muscle groups training movements.