• Each Macvon comes with the following free accessories to help you get started: a premium yoga mat, a heart rate monitor and Care Kit.
  • Purchase price includes delivery and assembly. Macvon can be mounted or leaned up against a wall.
  • In addition to the built-in touchscreen, you can also select your favorite classes with our companion mobile app available on the Apple App Store.

Macvon All-Access Membership

Each Macvon comes with a Macvon All-Access Membership that gives you access to a large library of fitness classes. Membership begins at the time of device activation and requires a minimum 12-month commitment.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your Macvon for a full refund (terms apply)
  • Your Macvon will be delivered and installed by a professional
  • Your Macvon comes with a one-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Macvon delivered and installed?

    Your Macvon will be delivered and installed by a professional.

  • How does Macvon work?

    When Macvon is turned off, it’s a great full-length mirror. When it’s turned on, you can see yourself, the instructor and other Macvon users on a vivid 2K display. Macvon can be controlled with touchscreen controls or with our companion mobile app. Macvon has a built-in camera, microphone and four stereo speakers. You can stream live and on-demand fitness classes over WiFi or via an ethernet cable.

  • Do I need to buy other fitness equipment to use Macvon Touch?

    Macvon offers a wide variety of workouts to suit your fitness goals. Most workouts can be performed with just your bodyweight, but we also offer workouts that can be enhanced with additional equipment such as dumbbells and resistance bands.

  • What types of classes does Macvon offer?

    Subscribing to Macvon All-Access Membership gives you access to hundreds of hours of live and on-demand fitness classes led by world-class instructors. Classes cover all major types of workouts including yoga and strength training. Classes range from beginner to expert levels.

  • Can I use a heart rate monitor with Macvon Touch?

    Macvon Touch is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled heart monitors. Each Macvon includes a free heart rate monitor. Select Bluetooth devices, including Fitbit and Jawbone, require integrations that we do not currently support.

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